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Hi, I'm Ashna Dua
Year 12. Bestselling Author. Bookaholic.
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Tropical Leaves

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it that you can ~

Danny Kaye

Katrina Kahler
Bestselling Author of Julia Jones Diary and Other Book Series for Girls Aged 9-12


"Joe Saves Florida and Other Adventures was written by a very talented young author who has managed to create a wonderful collection of entertaining stories about a young boy and his adventures. The book is filled with descriptive vocabulary that allows the reader to relate to Joe and enjoy his experiences as they unfold. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will look forward to seeing more from this author. "

Joe has always dreamt of being a superhero, but, when he finally gets a chance to save people, he meets some unforeseen circumstances! What are they and what is he going to do now?

My Perspective

This is where I blog my view on certain things: 
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