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Joe Saves Florida and Other Adventures

Joe the Vampire and Other Adventures is about Joe, a young boy who dreams of being a superhero but knows they don’t exist. One night a talking squirrel appears at his house and tells him that he can actually be a savior, and help people! They go to a magical world up in the clouds and Joe meets many people from different parts of the world. After monsters invade earth Joe and his new friends must go down and save everyone...but Joe gets turned into a vampire! What will he do next? Will he continue with his mission, or give up and go home?

A few of Joe's adventures are when-

  • Florida has been overrun with trolls and monsters and Joe needs to save everyone!

  •  All the animals in Africa have become overly ferocious! What has happened to them and how will Joe fix this problem? 

  • He has to save the humans on earth, as they have all been transformed into emotionless robots!

Childish and positive, this book is full of the ramblings of a child with an overactive imagination and I guarantee that it will be perfect for the children in your life to connect with and dream of stories where everyone lives 'happily ever after' right along with me!​


These are the ranks my book reached on the day of release- 10th December 2020!

Press Links

Press Links


This is a small press article I jointly wrote with a friend of mine in 4th Grade.


This is a press article that came out in the December 28th 2020 to January 10th 2021 edition of Business India, one of the top magazines in India.


This is a press article that came out in the Pune Scope magazine.


This is an article that came in the 31st of December edition of the Hindustan Times, one of the Top 3 newspapers in India.

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