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Abortion Rights

I know I’m quite a bit late on the bandwagon but here I am, having hopped on the train to “make sure abortions are legalized again everywhere”.

As I’m sure all of us know at this point, ‘Roe v Wade’ was overturned in the US on June 24th. For those of you, who don’t know what it is, please stop living under a rock. However, since I am about to go on a long rant about why abortion should be legal, it is probably best that you know what triggered this- thus, I will explain.

Row v Wade is the supreme court ruling made in 1973 that made it illegal to prohibit a person’s right to an abortion. It came about after Norma McCorvey, under the pseudonym of ‘Jane Roe’, challenged Texas abortion law in 1969, which at the time had abortions banned unless the pregnancy was risking the mother’s life.

This new ruling created a trimester system, allowing an unconditional, absolute right to abortion in the first trimester; some government regulation in the second trimester; and letting states ban the right to abortion in the third trimester as they choose (as this is the point when the fetus begins to gain the ability to survive on its own outside the womb). However, despite any third trimester abortions being banned, Roe v Wade also gave the mother permission to disregard any legal restriction if doctors certify the abortion is to save their life or health.

As I’m sure is obvious, this ruling was a great step in the right direction, both for healthcare, and women’s rights.

Recently though, last month, the USA overturned this ruling, making it legal for states to choose their own abortion laws, meaning states are now once again allowed to penalize and illegalize this necessary form of healthcare.

Now, clearly, from the introduction, you know exactly what I'm talking about today. This is my list of reasons on why abortion should 100% be legal in any and all circumstances (other than very very very few ones- like someone being forced to give up a child they actually want):

  1. Banning abortion doesn’t mean it won’t exist- It’s exactly like stated there. Just because abortion is illegal does not mean that they’re not going to occur. Back alley and ‘DIY’ abortions will still happen all around. They’re just gonna be unsafe, illegal, and risky. The risk of death, injury, or infection becomes higher with each person ‘accidentally’ falling or eating something harmful.

  1. The law only affects the lower / middle classes- The law might apply to everyone in name, however, we all know that in practice, the only ones that are going to be affected are the ones that can’t afford to get it done safely anymore. The higher classes, the people with more money, are always going to be able to get abortions. This is just another example of corruption.

  1. Overpopulation and human resources- The abortion ban will mean that more and more hungry mouths to feed will be born. With limited resources and an already quite overpopulated world, this will just lead to further poverty and even more overpopulation.

  1. The effect it will have on women in the workplace- The more people unable to get abortions, the more pregnant people there will be. The more pregnant people, the more maternity leave. More maternity leave means fewer employees working, leading to less efficiency. Less efficiency means that people will start employing women less in fear of maternity leaves. Overall, this will lead back to the “stay at home mom” stereotype (not out of choice), and fewer women in the workplace, which will be an immense backward step for women.

  1. Financial / mental / physical / emotional impact- There are loads of people unable to financially support themselves and aren’t economically stable enough to care for a child. Not to mention all people suffering from mental / physical illnesses who aren’t emotionally or mentally capable of dealing with an infant. Plus, pregnancy itself, even if you were to disregard it after the child is born, is stressful enough on its own. The added dietary requirements, physical restrictions, clothing adjustments, emotional toil, etc. All of that just makes it hard for anyone with a uterus to carry a child they don’t want.

  1. Not being ready for children- Some people are not ready for children. They’re either too young, still going through their education, not stable enough financially, not in the stage of their life where they’re ready, not mature enough, hell, maybe they just don’t want children. Either way, it’s immensely cruel to have a child be born into a household that won’t be able to support them or won’t love them like they’re meant to.

  1. Effect on the children- Children that aren’t wanted aren’t going to be loved. Being forced to give birth might also lead to a lot of resentment on the parents' parts, especially if they aren’t ready for the child. This will lead to an increase in abusive or neglectful households and traumatized children, meaning that the mental health of both, the children and the parents, will only worsen. This could possibly result in a higher suicide rate and / or higher mental illness rate.

  1. “Put it up for adoption”- A lot of people make the argument that it’s possible to just put the child up for adoption if you don’t want them, but it’s not that simple. There are already a very very large number of children in orphanages and foster care. Acting like a child that gets put up for adoption is going to immediately get a loving home is just ignorant. Not to mention that not all homes are loving and kind. Some aren’t. And those children are just going to suffer.

  1. Restriction on people’s bodies- Now, the moral dilemma that comes with restricting abortion. It is putting a ban on essential healthcare and is controlling the bodies of people with uteruses when everyone should have the choice. People who are pro-life are more than welcome to give birth themselves if they accidentally get pregnant, however, wishing that upon someone else is horrendous. No one should expect to or be allowed to make such a large decision for anyone else. The whole point of the ‘pro-choice’ belief is to let people choose according to their personal beliefs. It is not advocating for everyone pregnant female to get an abortion, but rather, for every pregnant person to have the right to choose whether or not they want to keep the baby. Freedom to abortion does not impose rules on those who oppose it. A person who is pro-life can choose to still keep the baby in any given circumstance. Being anti-abortion just stems from the desire to impose restrictions on the bodies of others and to control them.

  1. Lives lost- A lot of pregnancies are unsafe for the mothers. There are multiple health complications that could occur, leading to death in many cases, and asking for someone to give birth when they won’t even be around to raise and care for the child is abhorrent. You’re pretty much telling a person that an undeveloped clump of cells is more important than their life.

  1. “Abortion is murder. What if that child grows up to cure cancer?”- Firstly, chemotherapy is already a cure for cancer, and has been known to work in many many instances. Secondly, the person who you just forced to give birth and ruined the life of- who’s to say they wouldn’t have made an immense medical breakthrough had they been given a chance? Thirdly, as much of a chance there is of the child growing up to do great things, there is an equal chance of them becoming a criminal. Maybe even a higher possibility due to the neglect or abuse they may possibly face from their parent’s resentment at being forced to have them. Fourthly, the fetus is unable to live outside the mother’s womb at the time of most abortions- meaning it does not have a life yet. Just like monthly menstruation, abortion would only be expelling cells that could grow into a child. It would not be considered murder. In fact, if anything was to be considered murder, it would be if the mother died during childbirth, or any other stage of pregnancy.

The bible states “Thou shall not kill” in the 10 Commandments. This commandment is the reason so many people are against abortion since they believe it counts as ‘murder’. However, making such a general assessment without situational context is extremely ignorant and simple minded. Again, the mother too may lose their life, which will also be a breach of the commandment. Not to mention, the mental effects that being forced to give birth will have on the parents and the children will be immense and could lead to both mental, and physical death.

  1. Single parents- It’s very easy for people to tell someone to give birth and raise a child. However, the mother is stuck with that child for the rest of their life, with no escape other than putting it up for adoption, which is not possible in many cases. However, the man is completely free to just walk off and abandon the mother and child should he not want the child. This will undoubtedly lead to more and more single parents, mostly single mothers, and as we’ve already gone over the financial issues that an abortion ban will place on people (especially women), this will only lead to more pressure and more poverty. Our world will descend into despair and poverty, as though we do not have enough economic issues in our current world as is.

  1. Sexual assault- With sexual assault rates amongst women rising, the number of unwanted pregnancies caused by it are bound to increase too. By banning abortion, you are forcing someone to give birth to their rapist’s child, a living reminder of the extreme trauma faced by the victim. The child will have to live with the fact that their father was a terrible terrible human being and that they can do nothing about it.

  1. Time and justice wasted- People who suffer from miscarriages will be investigated into to check if they got an illegal abortion done, wasting the time of the police force, and not using the justice system for more important matters such as actual murders or sexual assault cases. And, if the person has actually suffered a miscarriage, then the investigation will only make them feel guilty for losing their child and force them to relieve the loss each day.

  1. Children with disabilities- If there is a high possibility of the child being born with a crippling disability that will potentially hinder them their entire life or could be so severe that they might not even survive too long, the decision about whether or not to bring that child into a world of suffering should be with the parent. Children with special needs are in no way lesser than anyone else, however, the financial effects of the special needs could be a lot for the parent, only resulting in the child being unable to get what they need to live normally (medical care, therapy, medicines, equipment, etc).

  1. Religion / personal beliefs- In some religions, sex before marriage is prohibited. So, banning abortion for someone who has gotten pregnant out of wedlock could lead to them being disowned or alienated, with no other means of support for themselves and their child.

  1. The floodgate this will open into more steps being taken backward- Since the overturning of Roe v Wade has come about, I have heard talk of other things being banned too. Such a crucial step forward in our history being destroyed may lead to other impactful and cruel laws being created. We have no idea how far this will go. This overturning has only been a precedent to what I'm sure is more to come. Now that abortion can be banned what's next? Homosexuality? Women's rights? Civil rights? Contraception? The possibilities are endless, and already, the great supreme court members of the USA are debating what to consider next.

Additionally, it is now expected for a female to go through so much to give birth to a child only for that very child's safety to not be guaranteed as they grow older. With gun laws in the USA being so loose, and school shootings being so common, the children aren't really protected at all, are they? In my opinion, instead of trying to defend the lifeless clump of cells in a female's womb, the justice system should be fighting to provide security and safety to those children who get given life and an opportunity to grow up.

Should the child grow up in poverty because their parents didn’t have enough money to be able to afford them but were forced to have them, the child’s life will be hell anyways. It is better that the child is never brought into such suffering than have to deal with despondent conditions.

It is hypocritical to protect birth but not the child or mother, nor the quality of life. It is only the tranquilization of the righteousness of the rule-driven without stepping into the responsibility for the consequences of their imposed rule. This is not pro-life, it is pro righteousness and domination.

Protect the ones alive, the mothers and the children that exist today, rather than the ones who haven't even been developed yet. Focus on the people in front of you.

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Connie Kadansky
Connie Kadansky
Aug 09, 2022

Very well thought out commentary that covers all bases. Thank you. Roe v. Wade is about a women's right to choose for sure. Kansas voters rejected the Supreme Court ruling outright -- there is hope.

Aug 10, 2022
Replying to

Thank you :) Yes, hopefully, more states reject the ruling..


Sameer Dua
Sameer Dua
Aug 04, 2022

You make such valid points! Well done.

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