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Live for the Ones You Love

The other day, I was reading an amazing alternate universe fanfiction about one of my favourite animes, and I saw this part between the protagonist’s mother and teacher, where the main character’s mentor promises that he will give his life for his mentee if required. He says, and I quote-

“I may not have much power left, but I swear to spend every drop of it raising him into the greatest hero he can possibly be. I will teach him, I will guide him, I will protect him, and if need be, I will give my life for him. You have my word.”

The protagonist’s mother responds with-

“That won’t do at all. My son needs a lot of things from you, but he doesn’t need or want you dying for him. You live for him, do you understand? No matter what. Your death won’t help him. In fact, there’s no crueler way you could possibly hurt him.”

I’m sure most of the people here have no idea from where this is and they probably don’t care. However, I just had to share this, because, even though, in context this may not be relevant to anyone who doesn’t know the anime’s plot, it conveys a message that I feel everyone should know.

Often we think that by saying we would die for someone, we are conveying our love for them. How much ever this may be true, considering that we are willing to give our own life for someone who means more to us than life itself, as shown in the conversation above, there is no worse way to hurt the ones we love than by dying.

Of course, there are certain situations in which giving your own life to save someone else’s is the only way you can help them, remember that your life is important too and that, for all you know, the one you save, would give their life for you too. But, situations where this is the only option, are far and few between. Instead of dying for the one we love, we should live for them instead. Give them much love, affection, and support we can instead of leaving them alone. Our death won’t help them.

Enjoy life, and spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. Live for them and yourself.


Name of the fanfiction- ‘Yesterday Upon The Stair’

Name of the author- @PitViperOfDoom

Name of the fandom/anime- My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia

Name of the platform on which the fanfiction is uploaded- Archive of Our Own

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Yoginder Agarwal
Yoginder Agarwal
Dec 11, 2020

These are great thoughts, Ashna. The Force I am in had it's motto as 'Duty Unto Death'. Most of us felt it had negative connotations. It was later changed to the more positive 'Jeevan Paryant Kartavya'. You can serve the nation better by living for it, fighting for it, making it a better place to be than by dying and leaving it to its fate. Looking forward to reading more from you.


Dec 07, 2020

Thank you so much Ms Bordenca for your kind words! I'm glad you relate to my words and love that you shared your opinion on them :)


Andrea Bordenca
Andrea Bordenca
Dec 07, 2020

Ive experienced the grief that comes when others are so touched by loss that they stop living for their loved ones who are still with us. The questions that have come up for me are around deepening my compassion for that deep grief, & being an invitation to accept, & be present with what is alive. The memories, the history, & all who are alive now.

Thank you, Ashna for putting yourself out there, for providing your insights & for showing the importance of sharing voice.

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