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Travel: A Hidden Treasure That Anyone Can Have

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Travel:- (N) The only thing you buy that makes you richer

Travelling typically is when you go from one place to another, usually over a distance of some length. At least, that is what the dictionary says. Explicitly, this is true, however, deep down, travelling is an art. It’s liberating to go to different places, see various things. This is so, because you can live in the moment, feel things that make you feel free.

When you travel, you see people of all kinds, personalities of all kinds. You explore contrasting cultures, change opinions and see things from divergent points of views. Priceless memories are made, wisdom is acquired, and lifelong friendships blossom. Experience is gained and you try out adventures, and take risks that you wouldn’t under normal circumstances, during your daily routine.

I have been to a considerable amount of places and each trip has given me memories that I wouldn’t find/make anywhere else and experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Hiking across sunlit trails with the sound of the wind rushing around you in a whirlwind, watching bright beams of beautiful, natural light set across the horizon, feeling an invaluable amount of pride for reaching the summit, soaked in salty sweat.

Crystal blue waves lapping at the scorching golden shore, cool wind pulling at your hair and the water glistening with the reflection of the fluffy white clouds and gorgeous azure sky, the scent of fresh saltwater in the air around you. Merry crabs in various vivid colours scuttling around, with pearly shining shells littering the land, and your toes buried underneath the mound of sand in front of you, the shade of a dazzling flamboyant umbrella encompassing you.

Legs aching with exertion, hands full of showy paper bags with logos of famous brands on them that are pulling you down with their weight, eye catching displays inside each shop around you and animated screens advertising everything from cleaning products to the latest Broadway shows. the loud sound of cars zooming past, police sirens blaring and all sorts of people doing all sorts of things, showing you just how big the world really is, making you feel so tiny. Imagine glowing bulbs at every corner and hanging everywhere, illuminating what should be completely dark with a colourful ethereal light, stars still twinkling in the night sky above.

The rush of adrenaline you feel when you fall out of the gigantic metal bird you took to the peak in the sky, strands of your hair flying around everywhere coming out of their ‘do, the ground is rushing up to meet you and your body is being swept away by the strong winds as you open the vibrant parachute on your back to steady yourself. You can see the stunning sight of the top of the city and it’s a totally different view from the air than it is on the ground.

The weight of your small camera on your chest with your damp hands clutching it, strap heavy against the back of your neck, crumbling stone monuments in front of you full of the enriching history that makes up the lives we live in today. Place almost abandoned with a scarcity of population around, leaving the atmosphere peaceful and welcoming for every visitor that is interested in the stories swirling around every action we make.

These experiences can only be felt while travelling. And sometimes, it’s not about the destination you go to, it’s about the journey you take to get there. Whether it be by plane, or boat, or car, or even if it’s just the mall in your city that you walk to every week. Travelling isn’t just about exotic places or new fancy trinkets, it’s about the company, the learning, the nostalgia and that feeling of truly being alive.

Travel is truly the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer.

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