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We are a collage of the people around us

I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw this pin. I think it’s a picture of a tweet or a Tumblr /Reddit post, but i’m not too sure. The person who made the original post wrote, and I quote-

“I make my ramen the way a friend taught me in eleventh grade. Every fall, I listen to a playlist made for me by a boy I drove across the border to hook up with. I eat sushi because a girl who won’t talk to me anymore made me try it, and indian food because my best friend’s parents ordered for me before I knew what I liked. There are movies I love because someone I loved loved them first. I am a mosaic of everyone I’ve ever loved, even for a heartbeat.”

This got me thinking, because it’s true isn’t it? Every person, every experience, everything we see and hear around is what makes us. Even if it’s not someone you love, if it’s someone, you hate and are trying not to be like, they are still influencing your personality. I’ve heard of people changing themselves after a breakup, and if you think about it, their ex is still influencing them. And sometimes, that influence isn’t a bad thing because it helps you become better, it helps keep the memories of the life you have lived.

Every moment in our life contributes to the people we are today. If you think about each decision you make, there’ll be a story behind it. People say that death changes us, that trauma changes us and while that's true, it’s not necessarily the only thing that changes us. Even our happy moments change us.

The time you went out with your aged grandfather for ice cream on a hot day, and he made you taste his favourite mint chocolate ice cream that you fell in love with, the second a cool blob of the delicious minty, creamy heaven hit your tongue.

That moment when you vowed never to be like your middle school bully who took only too much pleasure in beating people down for their own enjoyment. You promised that you would never go close to and will be the complete opposite of the self obsessed yet insecure person who thought making others feel bad would release their own frustration and pain and make them feel superior.

That instant when you look your pale mother on the stark white stretcher in front of you, crimson red stain blooming on her side, seeping through the navy blue cloth of her evening dress that was now ruined, despite her thin fingers clutching the wound, knowing that when you grow up you want to be a part of the police force to do your best to prevent shooters like this from harming someone else.

Every memory, good or bad, with people you like or dislike, in places you just visited or grew up in, has helped shape you into the person you are today...


App where I saw this post- Pinterest Pinterest post by- @ reddit

Original post in the photo by- @ viridianmasquerade

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